This is CAFCL Gazette Fan Zone. This is your space. You can talk about your favourite team. You can rant about the team that you hate. You can talk anything you like about the CAF Champions League. This week, Al Ahly fan, Alaa Kamal had something to say.

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Why do you think Al Ahly has gone for 6 seasons without winning the CAFCL?

There reasons Al Ahly has not won the CAFCL in 6 years apply to Zamalek and our national team too. It is mainly because fans are not allowed in stadiums anymore. Because of this, players are not used to the pressure of playing with fans or playing outside of Egypt. Another reason is how weak the Egyptian league has become. It used to be the best league in Africa.

Al Ahly league points
Al Ahly have won all matches since they started the season

Specifically to Al Ahly, we have not had a good President since Hassan Hamdy left. There was Mahmoud Taher, the worst president we ever had. He did not understand how big the team is and he did not appreciate that we play every competition to win. We had hopes for El Khatib because he is a legend but he was bad for the first 2 years of his 4 years as President. Only now has he started to do some good work.

At least this season we are seeing a very powerful Ahly in the Egyptian league. What is Rene Weiler doing differently?

Aside from the great transfers that we have made, Rene Weiler is playing ball. He does not care who the stars of the teams are. There is pressure on him to play certain players but he does not care. He plays players that perform. Weiler is still getting used to African football though.

Predict how the first leg and second leg of your match against Sundowns will go.

We have a great attack but a bad defense. This weakness might not be obvious in the league but CAFCL is another matter. Sundowns try to score a goal in Egypt. Ahly will take advantage and punish them with 3 goals. The first leg will end 3-1. In South Africa, we will opt to defend and go for the draw. Al Ahly will not succeed. Sundowns will score 2 goals and al ahly nick an away goal to lose 2-1.

Your team took Kahraba. Which other 2 players at Zamalek would you want to see wear Al Ahly colours?

The only player that I would want from Zamalek is Mostafa Mohamed. He is a very good striker. With the right management, he could be the next Hossam Hassan or Emad Meteeb.

How do you feel about Pyramids FC?

I used to hate them. This team was created by Turki Al-Sheikh to fight us. Turki is no longer the owner of Pyramids FC and he is no longer fighting our club. Pyramids is playing entertaining football and to finally have another team challenge Al Ahly and Zamalek is a good thing for Egyptian football.

Al Ahly has won the CAF Champions League 6 times since the year 2000. What were your 2 favorite title-winning campaigns?

Al Ahly 2006

Definitely 2006. The win in Tunis, against CS Sfaxien, in the last minute of the match is such an iconic and great moment in our history. I also loved 2012. This competition was after the Port Said massacre and after the revolution in Egypt. We needed this trophy for the people who had been through a lot.

Finally, Asante Kotoko claim they are the African Club of the 20th Century because they accumulated more points than anyone else (more wins and draws). Zamalek… well, you know what Zamalek fans say. What is your opinion on this challenge to Al Ahly’s status as Club of the Century?

Al Ahly is the Club of the Century. CAF put a system in place to pick the Club of the Century and no one complained in the years leading to the announcement. They started complaining when we were chosen. You should have spoken at the time if you had a problem with the system.